ACTION ALERT: Call Senate Finance Committee NOW and urge them to pay teachers a fair wage

Teachers and other educators play a critical role in our students’ and our state’s future, and they deserve to be fairly compensated for their dedication and hard work.

The Senate Finance Committee is
about to cut the proposed 5% pay increase,
in the midst of a statewide teacher shortage.

The teacher shortage is a crisis that has been severely damaging to our schools. Currently, House Bill 2 budgets for a 5% increase. We must keep it at this level, or higher.

Teachers are entrusted with New Mexico’s most valuable resource – our students. Cutting the proposed increase for teacher pay will only make the teacher shortage worse.

Please take a minute NOW to call AND email
Senate Finance Committee members and urge them to
keep teacher raises at 5%.

Clicking the senators’ names will open a prepopulated email, and please call too.

Senator John Arthur Smith // (505) 986-4365
Senator Pete Campos // (505) 986-4311
Senator Jacob R. Candelaria // (505) 986-4380
Senator Gay G. Kernan // (505) 986-4274
Senator George K. Munoz // (505) 986-4371
Senator John M. Sapien // (505) 986-4301
Senator Nancy Rodriguez // (505) 983-8913