ACTION ALERT: Urge Legislators To Include Important Education Legislation In House Bill 2

Important AND urgent. A key budget committee is about to vote on funding for this year, but the bill is missing the critical public education priorities that we’ve worked on together. New Mexicans strongly believe education is a top priority. The state’s record budget surpluses should be invested in our students.

We know what it will take to #TransformEducation in New Mexico, but key legislation will not be heard unless we make our voices known.

Please call and email our legislators TODAY and urge them to make the investments necessary to transform the public education system — to help our classrooms, to ensure bilingual and multicultural education for our diverse and talented students, and to build a great workforce of teachers who are valued for their profession.

Please don’t wait. The House Appropriations & Finance Committee is likely voting on HB 2 as soon as tonight or tomorrow.

Call AND email today – Click on the names below and an email will open up in a new window. Guidance on what to say when you call is under the names and phone numbers.

House Speaker Brian Egolf / (505) 986-4782
House Majority Floor Leader Sheryl Williams Stapleton / (505) 986-4780
House Appropriations & Finance Committee Chair Patricia Lundstrom / (505) 986-4316


My name is ____.  I believe that all New Mexico students deserve equitable opportunities to be successful, and I support the work of legislators to transform education. 

Please ensure that important pieces of education legislation are included and fully funded in House Bill 2, including

HB 127: Taskforce on Asset Mapping and Gap Analysis
HB 199: Study Biliteracy Frameworks
HB 153: Bilingual Units in Funding Formula
HB 221: Cultural and LInguistic Support
HB 240:  College Bilingual Education Faculty
HB 281: English Learner Education Program Requirements
HB 199: Study Biliteracy Frameworks
HB 134 through HB 140: Native American Programs in Institutes of Higher Education, American Indian student college readiness programs, and funding for tribal education initiatives


Contact information for other members of the House Appropriations & Finance Committee can be found HERE. Click on the members’ names for contact information.