Transforming Education in NM: 2019 Legislation Outlook

This legislative session, our coalition advocated for substantial and long-term change for all New Mexican students. Our policy proposals, budget requests, and goals presented thoughtful, community, and evidenced-based approaches towards an equitable and culturally responsive education that our children need to succeed.  

With your support, Transform Education NM shared important components of an equitable educational system with our elected leaders. We promoted the need for a deep funding investment into the education system for at-risk students and significant raises for our teachers. We urged a large investment in PreK, extended learning, and K5 plus programs. We introduced legislation that sought equity and accountability to enhance the Indian Education, Hispanic Education, and Bilingual Multicultural Education Acts.  We proposed legislation to meet the social, health and emotional needs of students, so they come to school ready to learn.

Our hard work resulted in movement! The Legislature put education at the forefront of its agenda for the legislative session.   While much work remains, there are several key victories that we want to highlight.  

  • We forged a partnership with the Public Education Department (PED) to move forward with developing a multicultural and multilingual education that is responsive to our students.  
  • House Bill 111, when signed, will provide much needed support for our Regional Educational Collaboratives to reach our school districts and provide professional development to meet the needs of our culturally and linguistically diverse students.  
  • We built significant momentum and support among legislators for the goals and platform of our coalition to transform education in New Mexico.

Our work is far from over, and our coalition will continue to advocate for our kids and push for change.  We recognize more must be done to ensure more professional development for teachers, universal Pre-K, funding for at-risk students and other changes to ensure adequate programs, accountability and a truly multicultural and linguistically responsive education system.

Our victories could not have been achieved without your support.  Thank you for engaging your friends and family, and for every time you were at the Roundhouse, for every email, for every phone call, for every social media share and shout out.

We must now proceed collectively. Our communities, our schools, our children, are our assets in this journey. Against all odds, we have maintained our languages and cultures. We will remain strong and continue our mission for our elders and our children!  

Please contact our bill sponsors and supporters at the Capitol and thank them for their work transforming education in New Mexico.

Rep. Tomás E. Salazar | (505) 986-4236 |

Rep. Christine Trujillo | (505) 986-4435 |

Rep. Derrick J. Lente | (505) 986-4341 |

Rep. Linda Trujillo | (505) 986-4436 |

Rep. Joy Garratt | (505) 986-4245 |

Rep. Patricia A. Lundstrom | (505) 986-4316 |

Rep. Roberto J. Gonzales | (505) 986-4319 |

Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero | (505) 986-4248 |

Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton | (505) 986-4780 |

Rep. Rodolpho “Rudy” Martinez | (505) 986-4233 |

Rep. Andrés Romero | (505) 986-4846 |