ACTION ALERT: Support HB 182

Reading is a crucial skill not only for college and career readiness, but to help navigate everyday life. That’s why we need your help ensuring every child in New Mexico is better equipped to learn how to read.

Tomorrow, the Senate Education Committee will discuss HB 182, a crucial bill for advancing literacy and biliteracy in our state. 

HB 182 calls on the Public Education Department to develop a plan to improve literacy and biliteracy programs, because classrooms can only improve reading levels when its materials are responsive to the diverse heritages and languages of its students.

Please call the Senate Education Committee members and ask them to ensure our public education system will support literacy programs that benefit all the cultures, heritages, and languages of New Mexico by supporting HB 182. 

Key Issue

HB 182 “Reading Initiative Literacy & Biliteracy” is sponsored by Representatives Linda Trujillo, Tomás E. Salazar, and Derrick J. Lente

HB 182 mandates comprehensive literacy and bi-literacy instruction that is culturally and linguistically relevant for all New Mexico students. The bill requires PED to develop a long-term plan for improving and sustaining literacy and biliteracy programs.

What You Can Do

Please call members of the Senate Education Committee and ask for their support of HB 182.

Sen. Mimi Stewart | (505) 986-4726 |
Sen. William Soules | (505) 986-4834 |
Sen. Michael Padilla | (505) 986-4267 |
Sen. Gabriel Ramos | (505) 986-4863 |
Sen. Bill O’Neill | (505) 986-4260 |
Sen. Candace Gould | (505) 986-4266 |
Sen. Craig Brandt | (505) 986-4385 |
Sen. Greg Fulfer | (505) 986-4278 |
Sen. John Pinto | (505) 986-4835