ACTION ALERT: Ask the Senate Education Committee to Support Multicultural Education

In the final stretch of this legislative session, a number of bills supporting a more inclusive education system – one that supports the diverse languages and cultures of our students – will be decided on in committee this week.

Tomorrow, the Senate Education Committee will discuss HB 111, HB 120, and HB 159, and we need you to show your support for a multicultural education system. 

We know students perform better when their materials and coursework are relevant to their identity. HB 111, HB 120, and HB 159 each provide the support our public education system needs to honor the diverse languages, heritages, and cultures of New Mexico’s students in the classroom.

Please call the Senate Education Committee members and ask them to ensure our public education system will support the education of the culturally and linguistically diverse students of New Mexico. 

More on the Issues

HB 159 “Multicultural Education Framework” is sponsored by Representatives Tomás E. Salazar, Christine Trujillo, and Derrick J. Lente.

It aligns the New Mexico Indian Education Act, Hispanic Education Act, and Bilingual Multicultural Act to establish a foundation in the public education system for supporting the education of culturally and linguistically diverse students across New Mexico.

HB 111  “Cultural and Linguistic Education Support” is sponsored by Representatives Tomás E. Salazar, Linda M. Trujillo, and Derrick J. Lente

We know that students in rural New Mexico are underserved by the public education system, despite their success being just as critical to New Mexico’s future. Funding for rural school districts and cooperatives from HB 111 will build the capacity for teachers in these areas to gain the skills necessary to teach in bilingual and multicultural classrooms.

HB 120 “Bilingual Teacher Preparation Act” is sponsored by Representatives Tomás E. Salazar, Christine Trujillo, Joy Garratt, and Derrick J. Lente

Without bilingual teachers, we cannot adequately address the needs of our English language learner students. HB 120 will increase the number of bilingual and TESOL-endorsed teachers in New Mexico by making it possible for them to receive grants to help pay for degrees or endorsements in bilingual/multicultural education or TESOL.

What You Can Do

Please call members of the Senate Education Committee and ask for their support of HB 159, HB 111, and HB 120. 

Sen. Mimi Stewart | (505) 986-4726 |
Sen. William Soules | (505) 986-4834 |
Sen. Michael Padilla | (505) 986-4267 |
Sen. Gabriel Ramos | (505) 986-4863 |
Sen. Bill O’Neill | (505) 986-4260 |
Sen. Candace Gould | (505) 986-4266 |
Sen. Craig Brandt | (505) 986-4385 |
Sen. Greg Fulfer | (505) 986-4278 |
Sen. John Pinto | (505) 986-4835