ACTION ALERT: Contact Senators on HB 121 for social services in schools

Every student should arrive to the classroom ready to learn, but too many of our children in New Mexico face barriers and family financial hardships that impact their health and educational success. An important bill to address these barriers is moving through the Legislature, but needs your support!

HB 121 ensures public school students have access to health, counseling, and behavioral health services and on Wednesday, March 6, it will be heard in the Senate Education Committee.

Please call the Senate Education Committee members and let them know you support HB 121 and want our students to have these critical services so they are ready to learn and succeed. 

More on HB 121

HB 121 “Social Services as Basic Sufficient Education” sponsored by Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero will:

  • Improve education outcomes
    • Research has shown that the highest performing schools provide social services and healthcare to ensure students come to school ready to learn
  • Give school districts the flexibility to determine how to provide these services
    • School districts can utilize the tools that work best for their communities, such as school-based health centers, community-based services, and the community schools model
  • Require the Public Education Department (PED) to collect implementation plans and cost estimates from each school district, in order to request funding from the legislature and develop a budget for the next school year.

What You Can Do

Contact the Senate Education Committee members TODAY and ask them to support and fully fund HB 121. 

Sen. Mimi Stewart | (505) 986-4726 |
Sen. William Soules | (505) 986-4834 |
Sen. Michael Padilla | (505) 986-4267 |
Sen. Gabriel Ramos | (505) 986-4863 |
Sen. Bill O’Neill | (505) 986-4260 |
Sen. Candace Gould | (505) 986-4266 |
Sen. Craig Brandt | (505) 986-4385 |
Sen. Greg Fulfer | (505) 986-4278 |
Sen. John Pinto | (505) 986-4835