ACTION ALERT: Critical bills for Multicultural Framework and Teacher Pay in HAFC on TUESDAY

There are four critical pieces of legislation (HB 111, HB 120, HB 159, and HB 171) coming up in committee this TUESDAY, and we need your help.

Please contact your Representatives on the House Appropriations & Finance Committee and let them know that:

  1. New Mexico students deserve a multicultural framework that honors the cultural and linguistic heritages of our diverse student populations, and;
  2. Our teachers deserve to be sufficiently compensated to honor the profession and to be competitive with neighboring states.

Transform Education NM’s Platform for Transformation is the result of more than a decade of research and the expert testimony and input from parents, teachers, families, and hundreds of education and tribal leaders. It is what we need to not only fulfill the court order that resulted from the Yazzie/Martinez lawsuit, but to redesign an education system that works for New Mexico.

What You Can Do

Please plan on attending the House Appropriations & Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday, at 1:30PM, in room 307, and speak in support of these bills.

Together, we’re transforming education in New Mexico.

Contact Your Representative

Rep. Patricia A. Lundstrom, Chair | (505) 986-4316 |
Rep. Roberto “Bobby” J. Gonzales, Vice Chair | (505) 986-4319 |
Rep. Anthony Allison | (505) 986-4464 |
Rep. Phelps Anderson | (505) 986-4450 |
Rep. Gail Armstrong | (505) 986-4242 |
Rep. Paul C. Bandy | (505) 986-4250 |
Rep. Cathrynn N. Brown | (505) 986-4242 |
Rep. Jack Chatfield | (505) 986-4467 |
Rep. Randal S. Crowder | (505) 986-4250 |
Rep. Harry Garcia | (505) 986-4233 |
Rep. Rodolpho “Rudy” S. Martinez | (505) 986-4233 |
Rep. Javier Martinez | (505) 986-4236 |
Rep. Joseph L. Sanchez | (505) 986-4226 |
Rep. Nathan P. Small | (505) 986-4438 |
Rep. Melanie A. Stansbury | (505) 986-4336 |
Rep. Candie G. Sweetser | (505) 986-4255 |
Rep. Christine Trujillo | (505) 986-4435 |

Key Legislation

House Bill 111 – Cultural and Linguistic Education Support (Rep. Tomás E. Salazar)
We know that students in rural New Mexico are underserved by the public education system, despite their success being just as critical to New Mexico’s future. Funding for rural school districts and cooperatives from HB 111 will build the capacity for teachers in these areas to gain the skills necessary to teach in bilingual and multicultural classrooms.

House Bill 120 – Bilingual Teacher Preparation Act (Rep. Tomás E. Salazar)
Without bilingual teachers, we cannot adequately address the needs of our bilingual students. HB 120 will increase the number of bilingual and TESOL-endorsed teachers in New Mexico by making it possible to receive grants to help pay for degrees or endorsements in bilingual/multicultural education or TESOL.

House Bill 159 – Multicultural Education Framework (Rep. Tomás E. Salazar)
Aligns the New Mexico Indian Education Act, Hispanic Education Act, and Bilingual Multicultural Act to establish a foundation in the public education system for supporting the education of culturally and linguistically diverse students across New Mexico.

House Bill 171 – Raising Minimum Teacher Salaries (Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton)
New Mexico has an immediate need for more teachers in the workforce, but meager compensation is one of the reasons many are not choosing education as a career path. HB 171 will increase minimum salaries to $45,000,  $55,000, and $65,000 for Level One, Level Two, and Level Three-A teachers, respectively, while expanding qualifications so our teachers receive the pay they deserve, and our children receive the education they have a constitutional right to.